Deck & Stair


The deck and stairs can be built with whatever material the client is comfortable with but that is also safe from the environment.


The benefit of the installation of decks and stairs allows for access back down to the beach.

Many homeowners lost their stairs due to the Lake Michigan environment, so we wish to allow for clients to have access back down to their shorelines.

Wooden deck above ground
Two staff measuring new deck


There aren’t really any hazards to not installing decks and stairs down the property, but merely so that the client is able to have access back down to their beach once the proper protection and restoration is put in place.

Service Overview


Discuss Service

Schedule Time/Date

Work Onsite


We will start by talking to the client and getting an idea for what they are looking for.

We will then send them a quote with what they wanted, along with a brief picture of where the sections will be.

Depending on the changes the clients want to make, we can meet back out at the property with the information we sent to go over any changes or additions.

Once the estimate is agreed upon, we will take a 50% down payment and begin collecting the materials needed.

We will then apply for a permit if needed, and begin the installation from the top of the dune down to the bottom.

develop you land with the changing times.