our mission is to provide customized erosion and land protection services for michigan.

our vision is to enhance the pure michigan experience by preserving and protecting its land.

it all began with two brothers serving their community.

Initially Mason and Clayton Kuipers started off helping save their neighbors house from falling into the lake using sandbags. More neighbors saw the Geotextile Tube Sandbags and asked for them to be installed on their properties as well. They saw the demand and decided to start the business while both were still in college. Since then it has grown and we now offer more services. Our goal is to be the go-to company for all lakeshore property needs and property development inland as well.

Mason & Clayton Kuipers

We upsized our facilities to meet the demand of west michigan.

The Core of Our Team

Headshot of Mason Kuipers, CEO of Lakeshore Customs, LLC.

Founder and CEO

Mason Kuipers

Headshot of Clayton Kuipers, CEO of Lakeshore Customs, LLC.

Founder and CEO

Clayton Kuipers

Erosion Control Manager

Chandler Warda

Construction Manager

Marcus Schuiling

Finance Manager

Nate Havert