Everything You Need to Know about TimberTech Decking

A finished, light-colored TimberTech deck decorated with white patio furniture.

As Michigan deck builders, we value creating outdoor spaces that are durable, low maintenance, sustainable, and customizable. And TimberTech allows us to help you do just that—and more.

With the most realistic wood looks on the market, TimberTech decking is long-lasting—without fading, splintering, cracking, or rotting. And with over 30 finish options across nine different collections, we promise you’ll find the wood look that’s perfect for you and your property.



Types of TimberTech Decking: Composite vs. Advanced PVC

A finished, dark brown composite TimberTech deck complete with a fire pit and gray outdoor furniture.

Composite Decking 


TimberTech Composite Decking goes above and beyond your traditional composite decking. With realistic wood looks and a protective polymer cap that resists moisture and preserves rich color, your deck will look stunning for longer without the worry and maintenance of real wood.



Composite decking is crafted using a mix of polymers and organic wood fibers. This blend helps to improve your deck’s durability and weather resistance. It often features three- or four-sided polymer caps that protect the board’s core from moisture damage. 


  • Durable.
    • Composite decking is made to last—it won’t splinter, crack, warp, or peel. 
  • Low Maintenance.
    • Composite decking never needs to be sanded, re-stained, or resealed—all it needs is a simple rinse and scrub
  • Fade & Stain Resistant.
    • Composite decking resists UV rays and stains—enjoy vibrant color that lasts and an unblemished deck, all thanks to TimberTech’s protective capping. 
  • Moisture Resistant.
    • Composite decking is protected from moisture damage—keep mold, mildew, and rot away with TimberTech’s protective polymer caps, free of any wood fibers. 
  • Protective Warranties.
    • Composite decking offers 30 years of peace—rest easy knowing your investment is covered by Limited Product and Fade & Stain Warranties that last up to 30 years.
  • Sustainable.
    • Composite decking contains approximately 85% recycled material—made right here in the USA.
  • Excellent Return on Investment.
    • Composite decking is a smart investment—its long years of performance and low-maintenance nature save you from the frequent repairs and replacements that real wood requires.
A finished, gray Advanced PVC deck with a multi-width board design and black and gray outdoor furniture.

Advanced PVC Decking 

When compared to the rest of the market, TimberTech’s Advanced PVC Decking delivers the most realistic wood look and unparalleled performance. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy design versatility with Multiwidth Decking available for specific collections.



PVC decking is crafted using a plastic called polyvinyl chloride and doesn’t include any organic materials like wood pulp. Because it’s made of synthetic polymers, PVC decking is even more low maintenance and water resistant than composite decking—lasting 50 years or longer.  

It’s important for you to understand that PVC decking has advanced over the decades. Older and low-quality PVC decking has a reputation for looking plasticky or getting too hot in the sun, but modern PVC from high-quality manufacturers has corrected many of these issues. In fact, TimberTech’s Advanced PVC decking offers hyperrealistic wood looks and grain patterns in a variety of colors.


  • Super Durable.
    • Advanced PVC decking is highly resistant to water damage and more—leave mold, mildew, rot, splinters, cracks, warps, and peeling in the past with TimberTech’s high-performance and recycled polymer product.
  • Low Maintenance.
    • Advanced PVC decking never needs to be sanded, re-stained, or resealed—all it needs is a simple rinse and scrub.
  • Fade & Stain-resistant.
    • Advanced PVC decking resists UV rays and stains—enjoy vibrant color that lasts and an unblemished deck, all thanks to TimberTech’s protective capping.
  • Friendlier to Bare Feet.
    • Advanced PVC decking is easy on bare feet and paws—it won’t splinter, stays up to 30° cooler, and has 40% better traction (wet or dry) than competing products.
  • Industry-leading Warranty.
    • Advanced PVC decking offers an unmatched 50 years of peace—rest easy knowing your investment is covered by a 50-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Limited Product Warranty.
  • Better Choice for Fire Zones.
    • Advanced PVC decking collections pass tests for slowing flame spread—have your pick from a Class A Flame Spread Rating, WUI-compliance, or both.
  • Sustainable: The Greenest PVC Decking on the Market.
    • Advanced PVC decking contains approximately 60% recycled material—made right here in the USA, this product is fully recyclable at the end of its long and useful life.


While the upfront cost of wood is the cheapest, it doesn't compare to the water resistance, mold resistance, low maintenance, and long life span that comes with both composite and Advanced PVC decking.

TimberTech: Unparalleled Real Wood Looks

Designed to resemble your favorite wood species and types, TimberTech offers premium, natural-looking decking — and the largest selection of colors and textures. You’ll never have to worry about finding your perfect match.

Wood has the tendency to fade, stain, mildew, and wear down, dulling and aging its appearance as time passes. But TimberTech decking retains its stunning appearance, looking as good as new year after year.


Grain Types 

  • Straight Grain: Linear without knots for a simple, more traditional wood look.
  • Hand-scraped Finish: Provides a highly textured finish, perfect for unique, artisan-inspired wood appearances.
  • Crosscut Grain: Looks most similar to wood that’s been cut perpendicular to the grain.
  • Wire-brushed Finish: Offers a subtle, textured finish that is often used for premium hardwoods.
  • Cathedral Grain: Incorporates varying peaks and swirls across the board’s surface.


Color Types 

Enjoy 30+ different color options with TimberTech. Their proprietary technology delivers multi-tonal color blending and natural wood textures, creating a wide range of options that are practically indistinguishable from real wood species. 


TimberTech: Value that Lasts

While TimberTech’s initial costs are typically more expensive than real wood, you’ll never have to worry about costly upkeep, like resurfacing or staining—meaning long-term savings will only continue to add up. Not to mention, TimberTech decks last 30-50 years or more, depending on the type you choose, while real wood only typically lasts 10-20 years.

A finished, light brown TimberTech deck decorated with cream outdoor furniture and a fire pit.

Lakeshore Customs: A Certified TimberTech Contractor & Michigan Deck Builder

Lakeshore Customs is all about natural and sustainable solutions. Because of that, we are proud, certified TimberTech Contractors. Have any questions about the TimberTech product or about building a custom deck? Send us a message and we will be sure to get in touch soon!


We provide TimberTech decking installation in Michigan’s lower peninsula along the lakeshore and inland, including: 

  • Allegan, MI
  • Benton Harbor, MI
  • Fennville, MI
  • Grand Haven, MI
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Hart, MI
  • Holland, MI
  • Kentwood, MI
  • Manistee, MI
  • Muskegon, MI
  • Norton Shores, MI
  • Pentwater, MI
  • Rockford, MI
  • Saugatuck, MI
  • Shelby, MI
  • South Haven, MI
  • Walker, MI
  • West Olive, MI
  • Wyoming, MI