dune restoration

Providing services to help restore dune growth and security of your property.

Dune restoration is usually applied after a revetment has been installed and the toe of the dune is secured. This is a key stabilizer for the addition of custom decks and stairs for access back down to the beach. Excess debris on the beach and dune can be removed to allow for new vegetation to thrive and help stabilize the dune.


Once revetment is in place, the dune can then be restored. This helps with the visual appeal of the property and the stabilization of the dune.

Geotextile tubes supporting dune
Debris running up a sand dune


If vegetation is not applied or growing on the dune, the dune is susceptible to movement and can in turn create harm to the homeowners existing property.

Service Overview


Discuss Service

Schedule Time/Date

Work Onsite


First meet with the client and discuss with the client what the best revetment would be for the property.

Prepare an estimate for the client.

Once the estimate is accepted, we will prepare the materials that will be needed and collect a 50% down payment.

Once we decide on a start date, we will gather all of the materials and equipment needed to bring down to the jobsite. Once all the materials and equipment are on site, we will prepare the toe of the dune where the revetment will be in place.

Revetment is then installed. Once the project is completed, we will send out an invoice to collect the remainder of the payment owed.

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