Benefits of Debris Cleanup for Your Beach

Cleaning up your beach has endless aesthetic benefits, and practical benefits for your lakeshore property too. Not only does it prepare your property for your own uses all year round, but it preserves the beauty and health of your dunes and beaches for the future! 

Often, however, debris removal is not easily achieved by homeowners because of the tools or heavy equipment needed to complete the work. That’s where we come in: Lakeshore Customs has the equipment and the resources to get beach material and debris removal done right on your lakeshore property within an efficient timeframe.

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What is Debris Cleanup?

Debris cleanup and material removal involves many things, from tree and brush removal to waste pickup. To sum it up, it is cleaning up your property by removing any excess, unwanted material either above ground (like brush and branches) or from underground (like stumps and roots).

Debris cleanup includes the removal of both natural and manmade debris. While waste and plastic debris can be cleaned up routinely and easily by the homeowner, material removal is often more challenging.

Garbage/Waste Removal

Despite best efforts, waste and plastic debris often find their way to our beaches and lakeshore. To maintain a clean beach, homeowners have to periodically clean up this manmade debris themselves or as a group effort. These beach cleanup efforts are important as they keep both our lakes, dunes, and vegetation free of litter and toxic material. Performing waste cleanups also help homeowners enjoy everything Lake Michigan has to offer!

Material Removal

Material removal, or cleanup of natural debris, can be difficult or sometimes impossible to do yourself.

Material removal includes the removal of trees, dead brush, logs, roots, and other unwanted natural debris from the property using hand tools or heavy equipment where needed. This service is beneficial because it brings value to the property and aids homeowners who are incapable of discarding the debris due to size or density concerns. It also has the potential to allow for new landscaping to be integrated into the property—or just to make it cleaner and more open for your enjoyment.

The timeframe for material removal depends on the size of the beach or lakeshore in question, and the density of the material to be removed. On average, this service can take one day to one week to complete.

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Benefits for Your Beach

What are the benefits of keeping a clean beach? As stated before, the benefits are both aesthetic and practical for the homeowner.

Aiding Beach Restoration

Removing both natural and manmade unwanted debris can help you bring your beach back to its former glory. Whether you need to implement erosion control methods, stairs, new dune grass, or other landscaping to your beach, removing the debris beforehand will only aid your beach restoration efforts. 

Creating a Cleaner Environment

Removing debris from your beach creates a better lake and shore environment. Besides, removing old and dead material leaves room for new vegetation to take root and grow. This transforms your dunes to be beautiful to look at while also being a healthy lakeshore environment for all living things.

Improving Property Value

When you live on the lakeshore, your outdoor property is just as important as your indoor real estate, if not more so. Investing in debris removal gives your lakefront home a beautiful “context” and makes it worth much more to buyers down the road. 

Enjoying Your Beach!

Beach debris removal not only brings value back to your property but makes it usable for whatever purposes you have in mind like lakeside relaxation, incorporating beach furniture or a deck, or using it for activities with your family. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy Your Beach to the Fullest with Lakeshore Customs.

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