Aluminum Stair Installation

Aluminum deck stairs provide a durable, corrosion-resistant solution to beach access regardless of lake levels. 

Aluminum stair systems are adjustable and adaptable to your beach’s unique conditions, and can be added on to the base of a new custom deck. Not only do they maintain their looks and quality throughout the seasons, but they are built for safe beach access in wet and dry conditions. 


Aluminum stairs provide a variety of benefits to lakeshore homeowners in West Michigan. They are:

Suitable for many different waterfront applications.

Long Lasting.


Comfortable under foot.

Portable or permanent.

Rust- and corrosion-free.

Prefabricated for quick installation with a custom deck.


Without a stable stair system in place, beach access becomes difficult and even hazardous. Some of the hazards associated with a lack of quality decking and stairs include: slipping hazards, rotting or corrosion, and erosion from unwanted foot traffic.

Aluminum stairs are a simple and timeless installation to improve your property value and provide safe beach access.

Reach out to us today for a quote on a custom aluminum stairway for your home on Lake Michigan.

Service Overview


Discuss Service

Schedule Time/Date

Work Onsite


Communication is key as we begin your stair project. We discuss your property and your goals for beach access.

We then provide a complete estimate for their desired solution. 

Once the estimate is agreed upon, we require a 50% down payment. We then collect and deliver the materials needed to the site.

When stair installation is complete, we collect final payment.

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