Hardscape Installation

We specialize in professional hardscaping including stone patios, paths, pavers, walkways, retaining walls, and firepits.

Hardscaping elements have the potential to bring immense value to your property. Hardscapes include stone or wood retaining walls for landscaping beds, paved or stone surfaces, and other decorative structures to further enhance your landscaping. 

We have the expertise and the equipment to handle large decorative stone, lay stone pavers, and build retaining walls out of your chosen material.


Hardscaping elements like retaining walls, stone paths, and landscape beds help to form a perimeter for your landscaping and provide a much more complete look for your property. As an added benefit, hardscaping can keep weeds and other unwanted undergrowth from taking over your landscaping.

In addition to a custom deck and stairs for your beach, a hardscape patio provides a stable and functional area for outdoor activities on your lakeshore property!

Our installers have the eye and the expertise to transform your property into a neat and beautiful environment that matches your exact vision! We install hardscapes at both lakeshore and inland homes in West Michigan.


While hardscapes are often installed as an aesthetic choice with no immediate emergency, the installation of hardscaping elements can solve unwanted problems on your property. Retaining walls can fix grading issues that make your property inaccessible or damaged by erosion. Stone paths can direct traffic away from other sensitive areas of your landscaping or property. Paver installation can reduce your time spent on maintenance of grass, weeds, etc.

Service Overview


Discuss Service

Schedule Time/Date

Work Onsite


Our hardscape installations begin with getting our client’s detailed vision and creating a plan based on their needs.

We then prepare an estimate for the installation.

Once the estimate is accepted, we will prepare the materials that will be needed and collect a 50% down payment.

Once we decide on a start date, we will gather all of the materials and equipment needed and bring them to the jobsite. 

Once all the materials and equipment are on-site, we begin the work of transporting materials and installing according to the client’s vision.

Once the project is completed, we will send out an invoice to collect the remainder of the payment owed.